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Mental Strengthening For Manifestation

When you control your Mind, you control your life

One of the first mental strengthening exercises I learned on my spiritual journey was the candle trataka.

The idea is to relax the mind, silence the thoughts, and to become so focused on the flame that the mirage of separation between you and the candle dissolves. You become one with the fire. No longer your body, your thoughts, your physical sensations, or your perceptions.

And in truth, the molecules that make up the flame and your own are the same particulates. Separation is truly an illusion.

I still remember the sensation that came over me when (after much practice and frustration, admittedly) I first felt the effects of this exercise. This practice honed my ability to concentrate, to focus my mind, and to let go of my racing thoughts and hyper-fixated emotions. It was the first time I had felt peace in my body in as a long as I could remember. And it paved the way toward deep, transcendent meditation. And those meditations led me to the energy work I offer others today ❤️🙏

Being able to concentrate the Mind and focus on your target serves you in absolutely every way imaginable in this human experience. It is an ESSENTIAL ability for creating the life you desire to live.


1. Set up a candle at eye level, roughly 2-3 ft in front of you.


2. Grab a pen and paper and have it ready next to you, pen in hand.


3. Set a timer for 10 minutes.


4. Focus your attention on the flame. Every time your mind wanders, make a mark on your paper. Then return your attention to the flame.

Eventually, with some practice (or a lot - if you’re like me lol) you’ll have less and less marks on your paper. You’ll notice more mental silence as you’re focusing. You’ll hear less mental chatter. And you may even notice some interesting visual anomalies, as well 😉

I invite you to begin your journey into greater self awareness through the element of fire. Purify the Mind, clear your palette, and start building the foundation that allows you to paint the vision of your ideal life.

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