If I Want To Know God, I Must First Know My Self

If I want to know God, I must first know my Self.

Separation is an illusion. As humans, we like to externalizate. When we externalize our connection to god, we have created separation from god.

The need to “seek out” and “reach” for god creates an illusion that god is somewhere “out there”.

I’ve gone through many dry spells in my relationship with Source. And one thing that I’m always reminded of is this: if I’m seeking a relationship with God, but neglecting a relationship with my Self - I’ll never feel that deep connection that I’m looking for.

And this is simply because God exists within our own consciousness, within our body, within our hearts. God is not out there - God is in here ❤️

And when we neglect our SELVES, we are neglecting an aspect of GOD.

Nature has a beautiful way of expressing God’s emotion in literal form. The waves of the ocean, a drizzly rain, the flurries of snowfall, the breeze on a sunny day. One of my favorite ways to feel God, and simultaneously connect to myself, is to find silence amidst nature.

To let go of analyzation, explanations, definitions, and stop trying to make it all make sense. To be in silence with nature and allow that aspect of God to stimulate and dance with the aspect of God that exists within me.

God is in the nuances, the subtleties, the in-betweens. And God is in the spaces Within. Connecting to the heart, through the body, and being present in stillness with the Self - we can be reminded of how truly connected it all is.

We were never separate from God, and when we choose to be fully present with the Self, we lift the veil and remember. And so it is ✨☀️

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