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“If you want it bad enough...”

Not everything is “meant to be”. And not everything you want is for you. There’s this idea many hold that if we want something bad enough, it will happen for us. This is an extremely false light mentality as it completely removes “for the highest good” - the highest good for us and all concerned.

Let’s use a really ridiculous example: you pray every day for guidance and assistance on doing the right thing, making the right choices. But you just really want to jump off a cliff. It seems exhilarating. You don’t know that if you jump off the cliff, you’ll fall to your death. You haven’t thought that far ahead. But dammit, jumping off that cliff sounds glorious. Your Guides give you EVERY sign NOT to jump off the cliff. They sabotage every effort for the sake of your safety. But you want it so bad, you jump anyway. Then you die. And then you ask, “But I pray every day, I ask god for assistance, why can’t I just jump off the cliff and live?! Why doesn’t God listen to me and give me what I want?!”...

Get it? ... We don’t always know the end game. We don’t always see clearly what’s for us and what’s not in our best interest. If we are cultivating a real relationship with God, the Mother and Father, and we’re listening to that inner guidance that a real relationship with God creates within us, we will learn to KNOW what is for us and what is not our path, our person, our cliff. Until we have cultivated that inner knowing, trusting in our connection to God and paying attention to our emotional body really does have to be our go-to.

Desperately clinging to an idea, a situation, a person, because we “think” it’s for us, and not taking the time to check into our emotional field to see how that situation is making us feel energetically, is bypassing “knowing”. That’s where knowing begins - in the “check-in”. We can desperately want something or someone, but if it’s siphoning our joy, our energy, our peace, it’s likely not something that needs to be in our life. And taking that a step further, if you have to use force to make something move, to happen, to make someone stay - let that shit go. It’s not for you.

We do sometimes have to step out of our comfort zone and try something new or uncomfortably speak truth for the greater good, but when this is truly necessary, that time of “checking in”, combined with deep reflection and prayer with God, will reveal it to us.

Putting that relationship with the Holy Mother and Father first, before all else, will provide the guideposts and the clear knowing needed to navigate life in accordance with our TRUE highest good and the good of all concerned. If we keep this relationship at the forefront, letting our habitual patterns, false programming, and projected ideals fall away, we can know true love, true purpose, and true peace.

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