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Magic is Being Pursued…

It’s amazing what can happen when you truly Let Go and Let God.

It’s such a cliche, but trust is really such an essential foundational structure and a real building block for our path. I’ve struggled with trust, and struggled with holding on to control because it allowed me to stay in my comfort zone.

I’ve learned so much through this last cycle, which lasted (from what I can tell) for about the last 3 years. I was assisted in breaking through so many barriers around my self confidence and the way I can share my gifts with others.

There was so much fear, so much outsourcing, and so much disassociating from my body. More even than I realized. And it kept me from being able to step into my own sovereignty and accept myself as I am, so that I could build myself into what I want to become. Which then allows me to share more authentically and show up for myself and others with greater integrity and honesty.

And now I feel that last cycle coming to a close, and new doors leading out of my comfort zone opening to me and beckoning me through.

And it is scary! Leaving the familiar and choosing to trust the guidance that you’ve been praying for, listening to that little voice like a faint whisper in your belly, only audible and felt in the silence… but you just know that the voice is The Way.

And so I’m embarking on a journey in this next cycle, actually back to a passion of mine that I wasn’t sure I would return to. But it feels so right.

My website reflects my movement back to skincare and esthetics, if you would like to check it out.

In the last phase of my growth, I was tasked with learning how to practice proper self care, learning how to receive without guilt, and allowing the harmonics and the thread of Source Light to weave through Mind, Body, and Spirit. I have much to learn here still, but this next chapter takes me into a space where I can assist others with these same tasks, while continuing to learn myself, as well.

I have a tattoo on my back with a quote from Dante’s Divine Comedy, “… the experience of this sweet life…”. Through every chapter, I’m reminded how sweet this life can really be when I choose trust. What a gift ❤️

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