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Christed Order of the Blue Flame ⚔️ In meditation today I was shown the white lion of the Divine Father surrounded in ribbons of blue light. There was a sword of the Father present, as well. I was told this was the sword of truth that cuts through deception, inversions, and falsehoods.

I don’t actually know very much about the Order of the Blue Flame, so I had to do some research on that topic. What I found was that the Order of the Universal Blue Flame Melchizedeks are part of an energetic group of Christed beings who held and hold the true history and genetic coding of humanity. The Essenes were a part of this blue flame group and Jeshua held these codes in his soul imprint.

The message given in this transmission was that we are to be the sword of truth for humanity. The Blue Flame Order of our Divine Father moves through us with conviction, deep understandings, and the strength to share these Truths without fear.

We live in a world so devastatingly effected by the inversions and entrapments of darkness. It can be terrifying to share our Truth and the Truth of our Divine Creator. But without our expression, others will not have the opportunity to understand the love and safety of our Mother and Father.

Despite the fears of persecution, slander, hate, attack - SHARE YOUR LIGHT! That torch was given to you with purpose!

Call upon the Light of our Father to fill you with the strength to share what you are divinely inspired to offer to others, to use that Divine Sword of Truth to cut through the deception and put an end to the lies and illusions for the sake of all humanity. You are an integral part of the evolution and liberation of mankind. You are important to our Holy Father and Mother.

If they didn’t trust you with the message, they wouldn’t have given you that divine inspiration. Trust them enough to move you through the initiations and bring you to safety as you share the Truth. Allow the Father to hold you and the Mother to move through you. Let the blue flames inspire you with conviction. Free our people from the chains of deception and bring us into the Light 🙏💙⚔️

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