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Taking Back Our Sovereignty

Sometimes truth is uncomfortable. In fact, quite frequently truth is uncomfortable. Truth forces us to shake off the layers of self preservation built through convenient falsehood. When we’re presented with ideas and thoughts that challenge the very foundation of our beliefs, our approach to life and how we think, we move into fight or flight. The false coding seeks to destroy opposition, cut it down, spew venomous words and accusations - or, our safety mechanisms encourage us to run away, deny the emotions of doubt that these ideas have triggered and bury the inkling of a need deep in our belly to know more, to be free.

Courage and bravery does not mean cutting down so-called “opponents” in defense of ingrained patterns, which may or may not be serving our highest good. Courage and bravery means opening our minds to potential possibilities that offer us a chance to see a new perspective. True bravery encourages us to explore new horizons of thought and expand our mind, and in effect our heart. If, after we have allowed these new ideas into our space for contemplation, they do not ring true in our intuitive faculties, we can simply release these ideas back into space and rest easy that we have made an attempt to further our growth.

The beautiful thing with this method is that we always WIN! If the idea being presented feels like truth after discernment, we’re left with expansion. If it does not, we have exercised and strengthened our discernment and intuition.

If the first reaction we have toward a new, challenging idea is to deny or fight against it, and we don’t move through that trigger and examine the meat and bones: WE LOSE. We have not chosen a path toward expansion and discernment. We have effectively tightened the constrictive belt around our heart and intuition, weakening both and rendering our organic abilities to discern increasingly useless. This process requires humility, honesty, and admittance. Traits that can be uncomfortable in and of themselves.

I will share here that my personal path toward deeper connection with the True Light has asked me to shed more than I ever thought I would. Identities, titles, entire belief systems, protective systems built within me due to trauma. I have called to question, and continue to call to question, every idea, every belief, every feeling, every “knowing”, holding them up to the Light for examination. Ideas I considered central to my identity have been released and recalibrated on this journey and there were times I thought it would end me. I thought I would go mad. I thought I would cease to exist. But I didn’t. Every time confusion clouded my field, my Light Family cleared away the smoke. Every time I thought I would drown in my tears, my Holy Mother held me and helped me breathe again. Every time I thought I didn’t have the strength to go on, my Holy Father lifted me up and carried me through the trenches.

We are not alone and we do not have to learn discernment and truth as a lone wolf. We have an entire field of consciousness to call upon, filled with Light beings who are clear in their intentions. We never have to question their motives or navigate a field of distorted misunderstanding when the Light is present. We do have to cultivate the relationship. We do have to use our free will to consent to their presence in our field. They will never force themselves upon us. A relationship with the True Light will always be based in respect and honor. When we choose to take that step, we’re met with freedom. True freedom. Our shackles of imprisonment in a false matrix can fall away and we can step into our True Sovereignty. This is our right. And it is time we take it back.

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