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The Divine Woman

We’ve walked through so many dogmatic structures. Through the confines of rigidity, shame, guilt, judgment, and silence. Lack of self confidence and an inability to see our innate value. And just as we thought we’d broken through the final cage - we’re presented with the gilded walls of the next one. A nesting set of cages built around our true divine form, created through many lifetimes of hiding, servitude, abuse - but also self denial, ego-centric actions, personal choices that hurt the innocence within others and within ourselves. Being the abused and the abuser.

It’s fitting that the area of neglect in all of these traps is the strong, protector aspect of the divine feminine energy. The True Mother God aspect that exists within all of us. The Divine Mama Bear. It makes sense that it would take many trials to unearth her within ourselves. Because she is not accessed lightly. Her power is not to be taken for granted, but must be earned. We are innately worthy of her, but she is not given. We catch glimpses of this space within ourselves, where she exists in all her glory, but we must slowly take the internal wall down from around her, brick by brick, whilst building a bridge to access her within the self.

  • Through the proving of one’s own integrity and dedication to honor and pure self-awareness.

  • Through humility and radical honesty. Through accountability of one’s own shadow essence and the integration of the understandings that come from exploring the shadows.

  • Through breaking down the ego, and releasing any need to receive validation from external sources. Instead, finding the sense of self worth and value within the architecture of the divine heartspace (the true Divine Womb).

  • Through standing in our sovereignty, upholding our compassionate boundaries, and holding space for what honors our energy and that of those around us.

  • Through pulling back and reclaiming our energy from vampiric sources - not fighting, not condemning others/institutions, but through pure, powerful, RECLAMATION OF OUR ENERGY.

Her awakening and the acknowledgment of her power is our innate force of God-Source sovereignty. The space through which our divine feminine energy can birth itself, again and again, perpetually. Creation flowing from the womb of all-that-is/no-thing.

A while back, I had a meditative experience where I saw a profoundly radiant woman. She was somehow a combination of all the physical traits of every historically prominent civilization simultaneously. I primarily felt Egyptian, Sumerian, Haitian, Native American, and South American - but many other heritages flashed before me in the midst of these. She walked toward me in the desert, blinding Light pouring from around her and encompassing her Being - she was the Light. Her presence filled me with an explosive emotion and I was wracked with sobs. I understood that she was the energy of the Forgotten Woman. The Mother of All. The abused, the shunned, the silenced, the imprisoned. She exists within me and she exists within All.

We put the attributes of strength, truth, the protector, the warrior of God, upon the divine masculine - and that energy does hold these vibrations. But only because the Mother birthed them first. She embodied Truth and Strength and allowed that to move into the architecture of Creation around her. The architecture that supports and serves the Mother. The architecture that is the Masculine - the Protector of the Woman. That which takes action to protect the Sacred Woman. She created Him, so that she would be held in sacred suspension. When the architecture failed, long ago, through the shadow of ego, dark energies forcibly penetrated and fractured her sacred space, shattering her in the lower dimensional levels. The “dark feminine” (which are not dark, but just wounded) aspects of the Mother were birthed here as well. This is repeated through our own ego, our own shadows that go ignored, our own self harm and the harm we inflict on others. We ARE her fragmented consciousness in these lower dimensional fields. When we reclaim our sovereignty, and move through the rage and despair of being neglected and forgotten, we reclaim Her architecture for repair of the Womb. The Microcosm and the Macrocosm.

The Divine Feminine can be soft and yielding, compassionate and sensitive. But we do not birth children quietly - we roar! We claim our space for the birthing of creation. Our waters burst forth violently to bring forth life. Just as the ocean waves crash wildly and loudly, just as water carves through stone - so does the Divine Woman beautifully and fiercely shape the Universe.

I no longer feel that the term “Mother” encompasses the full breadth of this Divine Creator’s energy. Mother is just one aspect. I have a new respect for the word Woman - as an energetic force.

The Divine Woman. May she return to all of us, through our actions, through our thoughts, through our self-honor and the honor of All Sacred Life. May we connect with Her within and may we protect Her, as we honor and protect our own Divine Heart. Stepping into the True Flow of Creation of the Divine Womb.

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