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The Vast Unknown

As we know, all level-ups always require leaving behind what no longer resonates at the newly-developing frequency we’re now operating within. I used to receive this with anxiety, maybe even fear about what I might “lose” or “have to” walk away from. But as I surrender to the process and the unfolding, I’m always shown that these situations, people, things that I once would’ve been loathe to separate from, no longer hold me captivated. And I, them. There is a mutual release without force or pressure. There is still sometimes surprise. Then the “oh yea, I don’t really care” moment 😆

It’s all energy baby

The more I hold space for trust and belief in my desired outcome, where I want to be, and gratitude for where I am. The more I find I’m comfortable with the flow. Happy! Grateful! And completely at peace with who chooses to walk away, what falls apart, and what I move on from. There’s a whole new me blossoming ALL. THE. TIME. I don’t have space for fear or worry in this frequency I’m choosing. I let that go with acknowledgment and compassion. Thanks for trying to protect me, nervous system, but I’m good 😉 No fight or flight needed

As situations, people, and things continue to drift away - I’m left with less. I find myself in a vast, blank, unknown space - but it’s not empty…

it’s filled with potential…

The energy of the unknown holds more possibility than my frivolously-filled space of worry, my anxiety-induced hold on the unnecessary, the white-knuckle grip on comfort zone. When I let my space empty, all of my dreams and desires can take root in that fertile, open ground. I choose to approach the unknown with hope and optimism. No longer a chase or a need. Always standing steady, holding gratitude for my present-moment, the all-that-is.

Allowing room for what is MINE to FIND ME.

And so it is.

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2 comentarios

Tapenawe Speaks
Tapenawe Speaks
20 ago 2022

Much love and many blessings Sister.

Me gusta
20 ago 2022
Contestando a

And to you friend! 🙏 thanks for being here!

Me gusta
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